About the DGNB

The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) was founded in 2007 by 16 initiators from a variety of specialist backgrounds in the construction and property industry who wanted to do more to promote sustainable building in the future. A registered association, the DGNB currently has more than 1500 members throughout the world. Our members represent industry at all stages of the construction and real estate value chain, from architects to planners, property developers, producers of building materials, investors, scientists and the authorities, all of whom provide input to the DGNB with their comprehensive know-how and experience.

The work of the DGNB is also underpinned by around 500 experts, who work in an honorary capacity for a variety of DGNB committees. It is not uncommon to see scientists, academics and people from business working shoulder to shoulder on interdisciplinary topics at such committee meetings, which are an opportunity for everyone to make their contribution and draw on one another’s specialist knowledge.

In its capacity as a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, the DGNB considers itself bound by a duty to serve society for the general good. Our aspiration is to raise public awareness of the necessity of sustainable building and, above all, to demonstrate that it is indeed achievable. To accomplish this, we systematically share and transfer know-how at events and through the media. We also provide continuing professional development to construction specialists and sustainability experts.

Apart from the association itself, the DGNB spans three areas of business: the DGNB Academy, the DGNB System and the DGNB Navigator. The DGNB Academy imparts the fundamentals and specialist know-how relating to sustainable building. The DGNB system provides support with the planning, assessment and official recognition of sustainable buildings. The DGNB Navigator is an online tool offering a wealth of relevant information on building materials, with the aim of making the processes of planning and constructing sustainable buildings more transparent.

More information can be found at www.dgnb.de.