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Die DGNB in China: Qualität als Differenzierungsmerkmal der Zukunft

In den letzten 15 Jahren wurden in China genauso viele Gebäude errichtet, wie es in ganz Europa gibt. Das Bauvolumen ist nach wie vor hoch und der Wunsch nach nachweislich besseren Gebäuden wächst. Hier kommt das DGNB Zertifizierungssystem ins Spiel, das als Qualitätssiegel den Projekten ein hohes Maß an Nachhaltigkeit „made in Germany“ bestätigt.

Rolf Demmler presenting the DGNB pre-certified BASF R&D Center during BAU Congress China 2016

DGNB System in China: “Everybody in the project understood the quality improvement“

The DGNB System has been applied in China for some years now and the first projects have already been certified. During BAU Congress China, taking place in July 2016 in Beijing, we talked with two experts that have practical experience in applying the DGNB System on the Chinese market. Their conclusion: The DGNB System is very well received and fits perfectly to the needs of the Chinese market. Rolf Demmler is Director of SoftGrid (Shanghai). He worked as a DGNB Auditor for the new BASF Research & Development Center in Shanghai that has just been constructed and already received a DGNB pre-certificate in Silver. In his interview, he emphasizes the various benefits for the project partners resulting from the use of the DGNB System. One key point of great importance for the Chinese market: The building was perceived as ready-to-use by the tenants that moved into the building. “The DGNB System allows to give different levels of targets closer to the local standards“ Joseph van der Elst works as the Deputy Director of energydesign (Shanghai), …